Reading Readiness
*  Recognize upper and lower case letters
*  Sounds of each letter
* Recognizing high frequency words
* concepts of print ( left to right, one to one  correspondence)     
* Rhyming
* All activities lead up to Guided Reading (where reading strategies will be taught)


                                                      Language Development

Children will learn to express themselves through: songs, stories, poetry, finger plays, purposeful play / games / activities, class discussions, Math / Literacy stations



Upper and lowercase letter formation
Students are expected to write their first and last name using upper and lowercase letters. 

By the end of Kindergarten students are expected to write at least 4 complete sentences using high frequency words and as many sounds as they can hear in their words.

                                                      Math Readiness

Our new Common Core Standards focus on the deeper understanding of numbers, rather than rote / memorizing information.
*  Recognize, write, and understand numerals 0 to 20 
*  count to 100 by 1's and 10's
*  Count forward beginning from a given number 
*  Recognize geometric shapes ( 2-D and 3-D )
*  Classify and sort objects
*  Graph more, less and equal
*  Developing number sense
*  Estimation
*  Understanding basic addition and subtracting
* Problem solving
*  Place value and Ten Frame

                                                           Social Studies / Science

*  Hands on opportunities
*  self concept ( All about me)
*  Community helpers
*  Holidays
*  Weather and Seasons
*  Force and Motion
*  Five Senses

*  Access to classroom computers
*  Computer Lab
*  Interactive Boards
*  Websites / Programs                                                                                          
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