Dear Parents,  
   I would like to introduce you to spelling activities / test!   I Will be working with your child to develop individual spelling lists that are appropriate for your child and that contain words that he /she needs to know how to spell.  Each child's spelling list will be different according to his / her needs.  Half of the words on the list will be "pattern" words - words that follow a phonetic pattern or skill we are working on.  Some examples include: short "a" words, consonant blends or contractions.  The other half of your child's list will come from words he / she has misspelled in his / her writing.  
   Every Monday your child will bring home a list of spelling words that he / she should study during the week.  A spelling test will be given each Friday. ( In our room, children take turns giving one another spelling test and then graph their results.)  Your child will also be working on spelling activities during the week to help them study.  Each activity is worth 2 points.  I would like for your child to have a total of 6 points or 3 activities each week.  Spelling activities should be turned in on Friday of each week.  
Thank you so much for helping your child be a successful speller!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Listed below are our spelling activities!  
                                                         Spelling Activities
1.  Type words on computer - choose different fonts or their favorite colors - print  
2.  Word art - write  the spelling words in paint, markers, yarn, etc.  
3.  Find the letters for the word in a newspaper, cut out and paste on a new sheet of paper in the          correct spelling.  
4.  Write the vowels in a word using a different color.  
5.  Write spelling words in alphabetical order.  
6.  Write your spelling words in crayon or pen.  Write each consonant letter is red and each vowel in      blue.  
7.  Write each word 3 times each.  
8.  Use spelling words in a sentence.  
9.  Take a practice test at home.  
10.  Visit a website such as:    
    www.spellingcity.com    www.puzzlemaker.com
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