The ABCs of  First Grade  


Attendance-New school hours are from 8:30 A.M. until 3:45 P.M. Students will not be permitted to enter the school building until 8:00 A.M. Your child’s attendance is very important and is key to your child’s success this year. Daily your child will either learn new concepts or review information that will help ensure a successful school year. Please limit the number of absences and tardies. THREE UNEXCUSED TARDIES WILL BE COUNTED AS AN ABSENCE AND WILL PREVENT YOUR CHILD FROM RECEIVING PERFECT ATTENDANCE. Remember, when your child is absent, he/she will need a written excuse explaining why he/she was not present. If not, his/her absence will be documented as unexcused.

Birthdays-Birthdays are very special and we would love to celebrate. Please give me advance notice if you plan to bring food items to share with our class. If there are children with allergies, I will provide an alternate snack for them.

Car Riders-There are procedures for car riders. You will need a tag with a number on the front. Please refer to carpool procedures in your child’s handbook. Home-made tags are NOT acceptable. This is for your child’s protection. Additional tags can be obtained from the office for $1.00.

Common Core-See Wayne County website for standards.

Dismissal-This year, dismissal time is 3:45 p.m. If you are planning to change your child’s transportation or get him/her out early, it is MANDATORY you send a letter. The office will no longer accept phone calls as a means of transportation change. Please do not leave a voice mail because checking it daily during school hours isn’t always possible. I know doctor appointments are a must, but please be considerate of our time in the classroom. 

Dress Code:Please refer to student handbook for appropriate attire.

End of Year Assessment-The End of the Year Assessment will reflect our curriculum standards. 

Field Trips-You are welcome to join us on any and all of our field trips. If you volunteer to chaperon, I will send forms for you to fill out and return to me as soon as possible. 

Folders-Your child will bring home a folder daily with graded and non-graded assessments. Please review these with your child. Sign and return the next morning. 

Grading Scale-The following grading scale is used in 1st grade: 

O-Outstanding       S-Satisfactory         N-Needs Improvement     U-Unsatisfactory

Homework- Your child will have homework nightly. Each night he/she will have math homework and another assignment from other subjects. I do not give a lot of homework, but I expect it to be done. Your child should take pride in his/her work at all times and turn it in neatly done. 

Independence- Taking notes, getting folders signed, staying on task, completing class work and turning it in, and packing it all to take home are just a few of the many jobs your child will have in 1st grade. Encourage your child to be attentive at all times and listen carefully when packing materials to take home. As second graders, we will work towards increasing your child’s level of independence as the school year progresses.

Journals-We will keep journals all year. This will help students develop their writing skills and give them a picture of their progress over time. They will be sent home at the end of the year.

Keep In Touch-Please do not hesitate to call, send a note, write in folders, or schedule a conference. Our assistant is split between two classrooms so making an appointment is the best option. Please feel free to call me at school (919) 751-7155 or on my personal cell phone (252)525-1423.

Lunch and Lunch Cards-Feel free to join your child for lunch at any time. Our time is 11:30-11:55. If your child loses his/her lunch card, there will be a charge to replace it. Breakfast and lunch are free for all students.   

Management-Behavior management is based on Dojo points earned/lost during the day. My goals for student learning are high! Having a controlled, conducive learning environment is a MUST!     

Newsletters: Newsletters will be sent home. Please READ these as they are distributed. A lot of great information is written on this single sheet of paper.

Orders: Book orders will be sent home monthly. They are due on the last school day of each month. This is a great resource for purchasing books inexpensively. 

Parents:YOU are a vital part of your child’s education.YOU, your child, and I must work as a team. I will need parent volunteers during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Field Trips, and other special events. 

Progress Reports-In order to keep up with your child’s progress, progress reports are sent home in the middle of the nine weeks. 

Quality Work-Students should give their best when turning in work. I always want my students to put their best foot forward.

Reading: All students are expected to read nightly to help build fluency and comprehension.

Snacks- Snacking is permitted. According to the note sent home, we will have class snacks. Please don't forget when your day is because that will mean no snack for the entire class. We will have a working snack time. This means students will continue working as they snack. 

Team Work: We will engage in many cooperative learning activities this year. This requires a lot of teamwork, support, and problem-solving. It is important students are able to work well together and listen to ideas from everyone.

Unpredictable Climate:In case of unpredictable weather, please sign up for the AlertNow by going to Classroom temperatures may also be unpredictable. If your child gets cold easily, he/she may want to bring a jacket to school. Phone numbers should be up to date at all times. If I cannot reach you in an emergency, the school Social Worker will have to be involved to make contact.

Volunteers: We love volunteers! Moms, dads, grandparents….Look for information on how you can help in our classroom! Just write me a note and let me know!

 Website:My class will have a website. You can access it by going to the Spring Creek webpage.

I  am   eXcited  to work with  youand  your child this year! Make sure he/she gets plenty of zzzzz’s each night as we have exciting days planned for this year.

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