Mon., Dec.4

Spelling-Write spelling words 3x each Math _____________

Reading-Book or sight word listx__________________

Tues., Dec. 5

Spelling- Write the words in ABC order Math_____________

Reading-Book orsight word listx__________________

Wed., Dec. 6

Spelling-Write 3 sentences using spelling words.Math _____________

Reading-Book or sight word listx__________________

Thurs., Dec. 7

Spelling- Study for test! Math______________

Reading-Book or sight word listx__________________

-This week we are reading The Wild Christmas Reindeer. The genre of this story is fiction. In this story students will find out about Artic animals, overcoming challenges, and character traits. Our high frequency words are reindeer, saw, presents, Christmas, and move. The skills for this week are self- correcting and identifying character traits. Students need to be able to LISTEN to the story and tell you some of the ways Teeka changed and give a reason why they think she changed. Since this story is not in our books, please feel free to access it online at .

A strategy I use for comprehension is to read a couple of pages and pause so the students can tell you about them. Then return to the story and read a few more pages. This helps the concepts stick with them as they read.

-We will start practicing fluency passages in class next week. We will time the students while they read for one minute. When finished, we will mark where they stop and subtract the errors. This will give you an accurate count of how many words per minute they can read. I can tell them the correct word, but it counts as an error. By the end of the week, you will notice that they will have memorized some of the words they originally missed. Repetition is the key!

-Our spelling this week will have the /ar/ pattern.  

-In math we will continue working on subtraction and place value.

-In Science we will be talking about the Artic and the accommodations humans and animals make to survive.

List 1  Spelling Words:                              List 2  Spelling Words:

1. are        6. mark                          1. armed         6. parking

2. car       7. what                          2. harmed                7. what

3. card      8. some                          3. farmer         8. some

4. star      9. where                         4. farming         9. where

5. park      10. move                         5. charm        10. move


Upcoming events: Dec. 14th is our PTA Holiday Special. All are welcome to join. We are presenting a musical. Wednesday, Dec. 20th is our last day until the new year starts. Winter holidays are from Dec. 21-Jan. 1.  I need to meet with all PEP parents! Please call the front office to schedule a time with Mrs. Franny if you need a Spanish translation. If you have any questions, please call me at school, 751-7155, or at home at (252) 525-1423.

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