Mon. Jan. 29

Spelling- Write the words 3x eachMath_____________

Reading-Read a story or review sight word listx__________________

Tues., Jan. 30

Spelling- Write the words in ABC order Math_____________

Reading-Read a story or review sight word listx__________________

Wed., Jan. 31

Spelling-Write 3 sentences using spelling words.Math _____________

Reading-Read a story or review sight word listx__________________

Thurs., Feb. 1

Spelling- Study for test! Math______________

Reading- Read a story or review sight word listx__________________

-This week we are reading On the Way to the Pond. The genre of this story is a fantasy. The author’s purpose in writing this story is to entertain the reader. We will be writing a story about a make believe animal that acts like a person. These are characteristics of fantasy.

-The skills for this week are identifying the setting of the story and reading ahead in the story. Students can use the pictures to make inferences about a character using body language. Students need to be able to read the story and tell you some of the facts. A strategy I use is to read a couple of pages and have the student stop and tell you about them. Then return to the story and read a few more pages. This helps the concepts stick with them as they read.

-Our spelling this week will have the /er/, /ir/, and /ur/ patterns.  

-In Science we will be talking about forests and animals that live there.



List 1  Spelling Words:                              List 2  Spelling Words:

1. sir        6. her                            1. stir              6. herself

2. dirt       7. quit                           2. dirty            7. quit

3. bird      8. when                          3. birds           8. when

4. burn      9. work                          4. burning            9. work

5. fur        10. grew                         5. furry            10. grew


Upcoming events: Report card covers need to be sent back signed. You may keep the report card itself. I need to meet with every parent to go over the midyear reading and math assessments. The reading tests are given by our school Title 1 team and are not complete yet. I’ll let you know when they are done. Feb. 14th is our Valentine’s Day study of St. Patrick. Feb. 16th is our Jump Rope for Heart day. Book orders are due on the last school day of the month. If you have any questions, please call me at school, 751-7155, or at home at (252) 525-1423.

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